You are a student looking for a project for a bachelor’s / master’s / doctoral thesis in physics?

We offer exciting projects around our research. Just get in touch with us.

Supporting students and the careers of young researchers is very important to us. We therefore also offer longer-term projects that can be divided into smaller sub-projects (for example master’s thesis + doctoral thesis).

Our work is primarily based on computational methods. It would be important that you have (or are willing to acquire) knowledge in quantum mechanics, programming, and numerical methods.

Master’s projects

Many interesting projects for diploma theses arise within the scope of our research. Just get in touch with us.

Ein neuer Hamiltonian fuer Graphen

Eine Reise von Bloch zu Wannier


Quantum Mechanics I 2022W TISS TUWEL

Electrodynamics I 2022S TISS, awarded Best Lecture

Numerical methods and simulation 2022S TISS

Statistical Physics I 2021S TISS TUWEL

Numerical methods and simulation 2021S TISS

Quantum Mechanics II 2020W TISS TUWEL

Electrodynamics II - exercises 2020W TISS TUWEL

Numerical methods and simulation 2020S TISS

Quantum Mechanics I 2019W TISS TUWEL

Privatissimum für Doktoranden 2019W TISS

Project work on wavefunction based methods in solid state physics 2019W TISS

Numerical methods and simulation 2019W TISS

Electrodynamics I 2019S TISS