Molecular adsorption on surfaces

Molecular adsorption on surfaces is a fundamentally important process in catalysis, gas storage, water purification, and many other areas. A key challenge in understanding the underlying mechanisms in molecular adsorption and desorption processes is having accurate electronic structure theories that we can solve for realistic extended surface models.

In our group we aim to develop and apply periodic quantum chemical wavefunction-based methods in surface problems, such as water adsorption and hydrogen dissociation on periodic surfaces. We rely on a canonical periodic coupled-cluster theory implementation interfaced to the Vienna ab-initio simulation package (VASP). The representation of virtual orbitals based on Gaussian basis-sets expanded in plane-waves[1], a low-rank factorization of the Coulomb integrals[2] and a finite-size correction scheme[3] allows for reducing the computational cost of the employed coupled-cluster methods.

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Hydrogene dissociation on Si(001) Hydrogene dissociation on Si(001)

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